Welcome to Eastern Lenders Association

The Eastern Lenders Association (ELA) was established in 2004 in order to foster communication and collaboration between the FHA Multifamily and Healthcare Lender Community and the HUD Multifamily Leadership in the Northeast Region. The Northeast Region is comprised of the New York City HUB, the Baltimore Satellite Office and the Boston Satellite Office.

The ELA provides a consolidated voice in to order to facilitate critical information flow between its members and HUD. The ELA membership includes MAP and Section 232 approved lenders, third party vendors and legal firms. Further, the ELA strives to not only improve the delivery of FHA insurance programs for its members, but also for its counterparts at HUD.

ELA’s Annual Conference and its Lender Member meetings in HUD’s offices provide forums for renewing and maintaining important relationships, for fostering dialogue on policy initiatives, and for providing training and feedback on the implementation of recent changes at HUD and in its processes.

Thank you for your continued involvement. The ELA Board Members emphasize that you should contact them on any HUD Multifamily or Section 232 issues that are important to you.

Should you have any suggestions for the ELA’s Board of Directors, or any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Board Members, or to use the ELA contact information below.

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Board Members

Karen Wipper
Susan Monaco
Vice President
Ed Foulon
Cortney Mauldin
Adam Roberts
Director at Large
Charley Conkling
Director at Large
Michelle Smee
Director at Large